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Thy Speech Bewrayeth Thee

Have you ever been out wandering around say to New York City or the West Coast or virtually any place in or out of the country, and happy to get home you finally arrive at DFW and get on the last leg of your home to Bowie County. You have been listening to English improperly spoken, that is to say the wrong accent all week. And when you get on the plane home from DFW the sweet tones of the East Texas accent are like music to your ears. And of course we don’t have as profound an accent as was once the case. Media have mellowed our once distinctive way of speaking English.

Succession Plans Set Businesses Up for Long Term Success

Succession Plans Set Businesses Up for Long Term Success

Creating a succession plan – essentially planning your exit – may not be the most pleasant topic for discussion, however preparing for the inevitable is essential for a company’s survival. A 2019 Family Business Survey conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research Family Business found that 42% of family-owned businesses did not have a succession plan in place. BBB reminds business owners that having a succession plan is key to having a smooth leadership transition and can ensure the company remains a thriving enterprise for generations to come.


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