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Letter to the Editor

We were pleased to see that Di Duncan and Toni Walker used their forums on your June 4, 2020 “Viewpoints” page to speak to the issue of continued racial injustice in our country. The wrongful death of George Floyd underscores, yet again, the pervasive racism in America. Incidents in recent months point to the fact that this is not a local issue, or an isolated issue but rather, that unaddressed, our implicit bias will continue to affect all of us who live in this nation. The insights of your two columnists underscore this.

America, The Sinking Ship, Needs You

A light breeze blows and wisps by the cheeks of the man on the second-floor balcony. His hand clutches the railing as he takes in a deep breath. A beautiful scenery encompasses him. The moment is peaceful. He allows his thoughts to wander to the events that happened earlier in the day. What was to be peaceful disbanded into chaos. He knew he’d have to address it. This is not what he stood for. His message was of love and peace, love being the strongest. Love, oh but, what is love, if not the greatest emotion man can feel. It has conquered worlds, tumbled walls brick by brick until nothing but shambles remains, and has even slain the greatest of man. Yes, love can change the world. Satisfied with his conclusions he allows a smile to cross his face but then he stumbles backward. Confused he falls to his knees. His hands automatically race to his chest grasping at the stinging pain he feels. Bewildered by the warmth he feels on his hands he removes them from his chest to see them covered in blood.

The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post

This has been a tough week training these humans. First, they wouldn’t use my litter box, so I pushed one of the plants into the floor to show them how to move the dirt. They cleaned it up instead! Next, I tried to teach them to climb. I started by climbing up their legs and backs so they could feel how I sunk my claws into things to get higher. They acted like it hurt them!


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